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1553W Series Water-Tight Hand Held Enclosures with Soft Sides
Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures - 1553W Series Enclosures

KGA Enclosures Ltd are authorised stockist's of the Hammond Manufacturing product range, enabling KGA Enclosures to add a large range of plastic and Aluminium enclosures to compliment our existing product range. All Hammond Manufacturing products are available from KGA Enclosures (View Product Range, View Price List) including the full range of Hammond Manufacturing enclosure product accessories. We offer all of these products at very competitive prices and with full secondary customisation options.

KGA Enclosures Ltd offers a full range of customisation services on both the enclosures and end plates. These include milling or punching of holes and slots onto both the enclosure and end plates. Printing and silk screening services allows for the addition of text, logos and graphics onto both the enclosures and end plates, allowing the end users to easily identify lights and switches. We can also offer stick-able aluminium or PVC labels for all enclosures we supply. KGA Enclosures offers all customisation services at very competitive prices and with very low minimum order quantities. For more information please send your technical drawings to for a free no obligations quote or call +44 (0)1535 636856 for more information.

Product Features
• Ergonomically designed for hand-held comfort.
• Designed to meet IP65.
• Uses a one piece silicone gasket (installed). Enclosure utilizes tongue and groove construction - moulded into the top and bottom halves.
• Choice of three sizes - in two colours.
• Moulded in flame retardant - ABS plastic (FRABS) - UV stabilized. With a grey overmould soft plastic grip.
• Top cover is recessed for membrane display or keypad.
• P.C. board standoffs are moulded into both the top and bottom of the enclosure. Standoffs screws (M2) are not included.
• Front panel is an integral part of the top half of the enclosure.
• Choice of two enclosure colours, light grey or black - soft side "grip" plastic cover is grey.
• Enclosure is secured with black Philips, stainless steel, machine screws, threaded into integral brass bushings. Perfect for applications when repetitive assembly and disassembly are required.
• Assembly hardware included - for replacement part numbers see technical drawings.

Assembly Screws
• 100-Pack of PC board screws, part number 1553WTS100.
• Replacement assembly screws for sizes "B" and "D", Part number SC1553WBK100BK (100-Pack, black stainless steel).
• Replacement assembly screws for sizes "C", Part number SC1553WC100BK (100-Pack, black stainless steel).

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Product Data Sheet
Custom Options Available
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Product Dimensions and Colour Options
Part No Colour Length Width Depth 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+ Tech
1553WBBK Black 117mm4.62" 79mm3.11" 25mm0.98" £10.73 £10.19 £9.92 £9.65 £9.12 dxf pdfstp 3d
1553WBGY Grey 117mm4.62" 79mm3.11" 25mm0.98" £10.73 £10.19 £9.92 £9.65 £9.12 dxf pdfstp 3d
1553WCBK Black 117mm4.62" 79mm3.11" 32mm1.26" £11.10 £10.55 £10.27 £9.99 £9.44 dxf pdfstp 3d
1553WCGY Grey 117mm4.62" 79mm3.11" 32mm1.26" £11.10 £10.55 £10.27 £9.99 £9.44 dxf pdfstp 3d
1553WDBK Black 147mm5.80" 90mm3.54" 25mm0.98" £11.53 £10.96 £10.67 £10.38 £9.80 dxf pdfstp 3d
1553WDGY Grey 147mm5.80" 90mm3.54" 25mm0.98" £11.53 £10.96 £10.67 £10.38 £9.80 dxf pdfstp 3d
Product Accessories
Assembly Screws
Part No Colour Contents Assembly Screw Type 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
1553WTS100 Silver Pack of 100 Self Tapping #2 x 3/16 screws £7.18 £6.82 £6.64 £6.46 £6.10
SC1553WB100BK Black Pack of 100 Assembly Machine Screws Call Us Call Us Call Us Call Us Call Us
SC1553WC100BK Black Pack of 100 Assembly Machine Screws Call Us Call Us Call Us Call Us Call Us
IP65 Silicone Sealing Kits
Part No Colour Contents Length Width Height 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
1553WBGASKET Clear Pack of 2 117mm4.61" 79mm3.11" mm" £4.59 £4.36 £4.24 £4.13 £3.90
1553WCGASKET Clear Pack of 2 117mm4.61" 79mm3.11" mm" £4.59 £4.36 £4.24 £4.13 £3.90
1553WDGASKET Clear Pack of 2 147mm5.79" 89mm3.50" mm" £4.59 £4.36 £4.24 £4.13 £3.90

For compatibility please see product data sheet

Protective Rubber Feet
Part No Colour Contents Material Diameter Height 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
KGA-PF-GRY Grey Bag of 4 Polyurethane / Rubber 9.6mm0.38" 5.5mm0.22" £0.99 £0.89 £0.84 £0.82 £0.79
KGA-PF-BK Black Bag of 4 Polyurethane / Rubber 14mm0.55" 4.5mm0.18" £0.99 £0.89 £0.84 £0.82 £0.79