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1551USB Series ABS Plastic Miniature USB Enclosures
1551USB Series Enclosures - Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures

KGA Enclosures Ltd are full authorised distributors of the Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures product range since 2018. Adding the Hammond Manufacturing range has enabled KGA Enclosures to offer a large popular range of Plastic, Aluminium, Die-Cast, Industrial and 19" Rack systems. All Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures are accessories are available from KGA Enclosures Ltd. View the full product range (Click Here) or view the price list (Click Here). If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding of of the products please contact KGA Enclosures Ltd, call 01535 636856 or E-Mail

What makes KGA Enclosures different from other distributors is that we can assist you with your full customisation services. All work is undertaken by Hammond Manufacturing at there manufacturing facility. These services include milling or punching of holes and slots into the enclosure and end plates. Printing and silk screening services allows for the addition of text, logo's and graphics into the enclosure, which will allow the end user's to easily identify the product. All customisation changes and minimum order quantities are set by Hammond Manufacturing. For more information or a quote simply send your technical drawings and case required to where we will be happy to assist you.

Product Series Features
• Ideally suited for dongles and/or mounting small printed circuit boards with USB connectors.
• Moulded in ABS plastic (material has a UL94-HB rating).
• Choice of three (3) lengths in five (5) colours. Stocked in black, grey, translucent clear, translucent smoke and translucent red.
• Satin texture finish.
• Cover is recessed for easy label installation.
• Complete with lid and two self tapping screws (plated for grey and clear, black for all other colours).
• Two (2) or four (4) P.C. board standoffs moulded into interior depending on enclosure size.
• Designed to meet IP54.
• USB connector is not included.

Assembly Screws
• Extra self tapping lid screws are #2 x 1/2" (Plated - Qty 50 - Part number 1551USB50 and Black - Qty 50 - Part number 1551USB50BK.
• To secure P.C. board use self tapping #2 x 3/16" screws (Qty 100 - Part number 1553WTS100) - not included with enclosure.

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• For these same sizes without a USB cutout try the 1551MINI Series.
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1551USB Series Enclosures Product Options
Part No Colour Length Width Depth 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+ Tech
1551USB1BK Black 35mm1.38" 20mm0.79" 15mm0.61" £1.44 £1.37 £1.33 £1.29 £1.22 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB1GY Grey 35mm1.38" 20mm0.79" 15mm0.61" £1.44 £1.37 £1.33 £1.29 £1.22 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB1CLR Transparent Clear 35mm1.38" 20mm0.79" 15mm0.61" £1.60 £1.52 £1.48 £1.44 £1.36 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB1TSK Transparent Smoke 35mm1.38" 20mm0.79" 15mm0.61" £1.60 £1.52 £1.48 £1.44 £1.36 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB1TRD Transparent Red 35mm1.38" 20mm0.79" 15mm0.61" £1.60 £1.52 £1.48 £1.44 £1.36 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB2BK Black 50mm1.97" 25mm0.98" 15mm0.61" £1.60 £1.52 £1.48 £1.44 £1.36 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB2GY Grey 50mm1.97" 25mm0.98" 15mm0.61" £1.60 £1.52 £1.48 £1.44 £1.36 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB2CLR Transparent Clear 50mm1.97" 25mm0.98" 15mm0.61" £1.75 £1.67 £1.62 £1.58 £1.49 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB2TSK Transparent Smoke 50mm1.97" 25mm0.98" 15mm0.61" £1.75 £1.67 £1.62 £1.58 £1.49 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB2TRD Transparent Red 50mm1.97" 25mm0.98" 15mm0.61" £1.75 £1.67 £1.62 £1.58 £1.49 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB3BK Black 65mm2.56" 30mm1.18" 15mm0.61" £1.75 £1.67 £1.62 £1.58 £1.49 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB3GY Grey 65mm2.56" 30mm1.18" 15mm0.61" £1.75 £1.67 £1.62 £1.58 £1.49 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB3CLR Transparent Clear 65mm2.56" 30mm1.18" 15mm0.61" £1.91 £1.81 £1.76 £1.72 £1.62 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB3TSK Transparent Smoke 65mm2.56" 30mm1.18" 15mm0.61" £1.91 £1.81 £1.76 £1.72 £1.62 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB3TRD Transparent Red 65mm2.56" 30mm1.18" 15mm0.61" £1.91 £1.81 £1.76 £1.72 £1.62 dxf pdfstp 3d
1551USB Series Enclosures Product Accessories
Assembly Screws
Part No Colour Contents Assembly Screw Type 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
1551USB50 Silver Pack of 50 Self Tapping #2 x 1/2 screws £3.87 £3.68 £3.58 £3.49 £3.29
1551USB50BK Black Pack of 50 Self Tapping #2 x 1/2 screws £4.02 £3.82 £3.72 £3.62 £3.42
1553WTS100 Silver Pack of 100 Self Tapping #2 x 3/16 screws £7.19 £6.83 £6.65 £6.47 £6.11
Protective Rubber Feet
Part No Colour Contents Material Diameter Height 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
1421T2 Black Pack of 24 Rubber 12.7mm0.50" 3.5mm0.14" 3.74 3.55 3.46 3.36 3.18
1421T2CL Clear Pack of 24 Rubber 12.7mm0.50" 3.5mm0.14" 2.71 2.58 2.51 2.44 2.31
1421T2GY Grey Pack of 24 Rubber 12.7mm0.50" 3.5mm0.14" 4.00 3.80 3.70 3.60 3.40
Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures Customisation Options
Modified Electronic Enclosures
Almost every enclosure will need some kind of modification to be useful. In house modifications can be tedious, over complicated, and a distraction from your core business. A third party shop can add time and expense. Let us help you by delivering quality products made to your exact specifications.
Product Customisation Services - Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures
Why Choose Hammond to Modify your enclosure
• Hammond Manufacturing offers a wide selection and massive inventory of enclosures ready to be modified.
• Typically, the minimum order is 25 units. This can vary depending on product and services required. Please note KGA Enclosures do not add onto the customisation charges.
• Hammond has an experienced enclosure modification team and two dedicated modification facilities in North America and Europe. They are knowledgeable, available and capable.
• Hammond helps eliminate scrap and design errors with approval drawings to confirm correct interpretation of your design requirements. Many orders will also include fast delivery of samples enclosures for inspection. These steps ensure that your assembly fits perfectly before heading to mass production.
Popular Modifications Offered:
• Holes.
• Cutouts.
• Tapping and Countersinking.
• Pressed-in hardware (Studs, standoffs).
• Silk Screening.
• UV Printing.
• Special colours.
• Special length extrusions.
• Pre-Installed Accessories.
• Available services vary by product.