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IP66 ABS Enclosures
IP66 ABS Enclosures - Deltron Enclosures

KGA Enclosures Ltd are fully authorised distributors of the Deltron Enclosures product range. Adding the Deltron Enclosures range has enabled us to offer another large range or popular enclosures which includes a large IP54, IP66 and IP68 enclosure range, as well as the popular Heavy Duty and Fortis (IP66 / IP68) enclosure range and ABS plastic enclosures. All Deltron enclosures and product accessories are available from KGA Enclosures, view the product range (Click Here) or view the product price list (Click Here). If you have any questions regarding any product offered here at KGA Enclosures Ltd please call 01535 636856 or E-Mail

What makes KGA Enclosures Ltd different from most other larger distributors is we can assist you with your full customisation services. All work is undertaken by Deltron Enclosures at there own manufacturing facility. These services include milling or punching of holes and slots into the enclosure and end plates for cables, connectors, etc. Printing and silk screening services which allows for the addition of text, logo's and graphics onto both the enclosure and end plates, which allows the end user to easily identify the product. All customisation charges and minimum order quantities are set by Deltron Enclosures, KGA Enclosures does not add any other charges on. For more information or a free quote simply send your technical drawings and enclosure required to where we will be happy to assist you. Click here for more information on customisation options.

Product Features:
Manufactured from high-grade ABS, these enclosures are ideal when the weight of a metal cannot be supported, if the project budget is stretched or if electrical arching concerns are raised. They are available in 22 sizes, with a multitude of beneficial properties including good resistance to weathering, making them suitable for outdoor applications.
• Lightweight.
• Cost effective.
• Good oil resistance.
• High impact resistance.
• Available with a translucent lid.
• Full customisation options - Click here for more information.
IP66 ABS Enclosures Product Options
Part No Colour Length Width Height 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
478-050503A-66 Light Grey 52mm2.05" 50mm1.97" 35mm1.38" MOQ 10+ £7.66 £7.27 £7.08 £6.89
478-060503A-66 Light Grey 65mm2.56" 50mm1.97" 35mm1.38" MOQ 10+ £9.61 £9.13 £8.89 £8.65
478-080805A-66 Light Grey 82mm3.23" 80mm3.15" 55mm2.17" MOQ 10+ £13.09 £12.44 £12.11 £11.78
478-080808A-66 Light Grey 80mm3.15" 80mm3.15" 85mm3.35" MOQ 10+ £13.41 £12.74 £12.41 £12.07
478-120805A-66 Light Grey 120mm4.72" 80mm3.15" 55mm2.17" MOQ 10+ £15.80 £15.01 £14.62 £14.22
478-120808A-66 Light Grey 120mm4.72" 80mm3.15" 85mm3.35" MOQ 10+ £17.41 £16.54 £16.10 £15.67
478-121205A-66 Light Grey 122mm4.80" 120mm4.72" 55mm2.17" MOQ 10+ £20.59 £19.56 £19.05 £18.53
478-121208A-66 Light Grey 122mm4.80" 120mm4.72" 85mm3.35" MOQ 10+ £22.20 £21.09 £20.54 £19.98
478-160805A-66 Light Grey 160mm6.30" 80mm3.15" 55mm2.17" MOQ 10+ £18.08 £17.18 £16.73 £16.28
478-160808A-66 Light Grey 160mm6.30" 80mm3.15" 85mm3.35" MOQ 10+ £19.14 £18.18 £17.70 £17.23
478-161209A-66 Light Grey 160mm6.30" 120mm4.72" 90mm3.54" MOQ 10+ £23.50 £22.32 £21.73 £21.15
478-201207A-66 Light Grey 220mm8.66" 120mm4.72" 75mm2.95" MOQ 10+ £28.76 £27.32 £26.61 £25.89
478-201209A-66 Light Grey 200mm7.87" 120mm4.72" 90mm3.54" MOQ 10+ £30.20 £28.69 £27.94 £27.18
478-201507A-66 Light Grey 200mm7.87" 150mm5.91" 75mm2.95" MOQ 10+ £29.57 £28.09 £27.35 £26.61
478-241210A-66 Light Grey 240mm9.45" 120mm4.72" 100mm3.94" MOQ 10+ £30.15 £28.64 £27.89 £27.13
478-241609A-66 Light Grey 240mm9.45" 160mm6.30" 90mm3.54" MOQ 10+ £34.56 £32.83 £31.97 £31.10
478-241612A-66 Light Grey 240mm9.45" 160mm6.30" 120mm4.72" MOQ 10+ £42.32 £40.20 £39.15 £38.09
478-251609A-66 Light Grey 250mm9.84" 160mm6.30" 90mm3.54" MOQ 10+ £35.05 £33.29 £32.42 £31.54
478-251612A-66 Light Grey 250mm9.84" 160mm6.30" 120mm4.72" MOQ 10+ £41.79 £40.72 £39.65 £38.57
478-302308A-66 Light Grey 300mm11.81" 230mm9.06" 85mm3.35" MOQ 10+ £64.35 £62.70 £61.05 £59.40
478-302311A-66 Light Grey 300mm11.81" 230mm9.06" 110mm4.33" MOQ 10+ £70.45 £68.64 £66.84 £65.03
478-362015A-66 Light Grey 360mm14.17" 200mm7.87" 150mm5.91" MOQ 10+ £78.24 £76.23 £74.22 £72.22
IP66 ABS Enclosures Product Accessories
Assembly Screws
Part No Colour Contents Screw Description 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
Plain Standard Screws
000-035-004 Silver Pack of 4 Recessed Pozi Drive, CounterSink Head POA POA POA POA POA
000-035-006 Silver Pack of 6 Recessed Pozi Drive, CounterSink Head POA POA POA POA POA
000-035-100 Silver Pack of 100 Recessed Pozi Drive, CounterSink Head POA POA POA POA POA
Black Standard Screws
000-086-004 Black Pack of 4 Recessed Pozi Drive, CounterSink Head POA POA POA POA POA
000-086-006 Black Pack of 6 Recessed Pozi Drive, CounterSink Head POA POA POA POA POA
000-086-100 Black Pack of 100 Recessed Pozi Drive, CounterSink Head POA POA POA POA POA
Protective Rubber Feet
Part No Colour Contents Material Diameter Height 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
1421T2 Black Pack of 24 Rubber 12.7mm0.50" 3.5mm0.14" £3.74 £3.55 £3.46 £3.36 £3.18
1421T2CL Clear Pack of 24 Rubber 12.7mm0.50" 3.5mm0.14" £2.71 £2.58 £2.51 £2.44 £2.31
1421T2GY Grey Pack of 24 Rubber 12.7mm0.50" 3.5mm0.14" £4.00 £3.80 £3.70 £3.60 £3.40
Deltron Enclosures Customisation Options
Benefits of customisation with Deltron Enclosures
Product Customisation Options - Deltron Enclosures
• Take advantage of low MOQ's or high volume production runs.
• Reduced lead times, reducing your time to market.
• Competitive pricing which helps your budget go further. Please note KGA Enclosures does not add any charges,
• Deltron's engineering team can help you to determine the appropriate enclosure solution.
• The enclosure will be ready for immediate installation once on site.
Drilling, tapping, milling, louvre's, PEM's, insertion or windows, handles or slots and more, to prepare the enclosure for the assembly stage.
Coatings / Chemical Treatments
Enhance the protection of the enclosure by adding a coating or chemical treatment. We offer textures, powder coating or smooth nylon coating as standard to offer protection from corrosion, UV lights and oils, other treatments are available on request.
Painting / Printing
Select an attention grabbing red for health and safety purposes, or choose a lighter colour for an aesthetically pleasing enclosure that blends into the background. Just provide the Pantone/RAL reference for a custom colour. Incorporate your logo or a specification / product code with the printing options, silk screening and engraving services.
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