Eddystone Series Die-Cast Enclosures
Hammond - Eddystone Series Enclosures

KGA Enclosures Ltd are authorised stockist's of the Hammond Manufacturing product range, enabling KGA Enclosures to add another large range of plastic and aluminium enclosures to compliment our existing product range. All Hammond Manufacturing products are available at KGA Enclosures (See the price list for the full range), including the full range of product accessories. We offer competitive pricing at both distribution and manufacturing level. All products are available with full customisation services.

KGA Enclosures Ltd offers a full range of customisation services on both the enclosures and end plates including milling or punching of holes and slots into either the end plates or enclosures. Printing and silk screening services allows for the addition of text, logos and graphics onto either the end plates or enclosures allowing the end user to easily identify lights and switches. KGA Enclosures offers all of these services at very competitive prices and with low minimum order quantities. For more information please contact us or send us your technical drawings for a free no obligations quote. Call 01535 636856 or E-Mail: sales@kgaenclosures.com for more information.

Product Features

• Rugged, diecast aluminium alloy (tough - yet easy to machine), electronic instrument enclosure.
• Aluminium alloy to BS1490, LM2M - supplied in natural finish.
• Eddystone designed. The Eddystone brand was purchased by Hammond in 1998.
• Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water. Also provides excellent EMC performance.
• Lids are retained by M3.5 x 12 countersunk screws (POZIDRIV No. 2 head).
• Countersunk lid holes.
• Designed to meet IP54.
• Low side wall draft angle (2 degrees or less) for easy P.C. board mounting.
Product Data Sheet
All Hammond Enclosures are available at KGA Enclosures
Full customisation services are available
PVC and Metal name plates are available
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All with competitive pricing and full customisation options
Product Dimensions and Colour Options
Part No Colour Length Width Depth 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+ Tech

Shallow Lid Version

11451PSLA Natural 53mm2.07" 38mm1.50" 31mm1.22" £2.69 £2.56 £2.49 £2.42 £2.29 dxf pdf 
27969PSLA Natural 92mm3.62" 38mm1.50" 31mm1.22" £3.12 £2.96 £2.88 £2.81 £2.65 dxf pdf 
27134PSLA Natural 111mm4.37" 60mm2.36" 31mm1.22" £3.76 £3.57 £3.48 £3.39 £3.20 dxf pdf 
29830PSLA Natural 120mm4.72" 95mm3.74" 34mm1.34" £6.40 £6.08 £5.92 £5.76 £5.44 dxf pdf 
26908PSLA Natural 120mm4.72" 95mm3.74" 57mm2.24" £7.77 £7.38 £7.19 £6.99 £6.61 dxf pdf 
11130BPSLA Natural 125mm4.92" 125mm4.92" 16mm0.64" £10.18 £9.67 £9.42 £9.16 £8.65 dxf pdf 
70011 Natural 125mm4.92" 125mm4.92" 57mm2.24" £12.52 £11.90 £11.58 £11.27 £10.64 dxf pdf 
11130PSLA Natural 125mm4.92" 125mm4.92" 79mm3.11" £9.98 £9.48 £9.23 £8.98 £8.49 dxf pdf 
10758PSLA Natural 145mm5.71" 95mm3.74" 49mm1.93" £9.88 £9.39 £9.14 £8.90 £8.40 dxf pdf 
26827PSLA Natural 188mm7.40" 120mm4.72" 57mm2.24" £10.53 £10.00 £9.74 £9.47 £8.95 dxf pdf 
26357PSLA Natural 188mm7.40" 120mm4.72" 82mm3.23" £13.93 £13.23 £12.88 £12.53 £11.84 dxf pdf 

Deep Lid Version

27134PDLA Natural 111mm4.37" 60mm2.36" 50mm1.97" £7.51 £7.13 £6.94 £6.76 £6.38 dxf pdf 
11130PDLA Natural 125mm4.92" 125mm4.92" 107mm4.22" £13.05 £12.40 £12.07 £11.75 £11.09 dxf pdf 
10758PDLA Natural 145mm5.71" 95mm3.74" 87mm3.43" £11.68 £11.10 £10.81 £10.51 £9.93 dxf pdf 
Product Accessories
Protective Rubber Feet
Part No Colour Contents Material Diameter Height 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
KGA-PF-BK Black Bag of 4 Polyurethane / Rubber 14mm0.55" 4.5mm0.18" £0.99 £0.89 £0.84 £0.82 £0.79
KGA-PF-GRY Grey Bag of 4 Polyurethane / Rubber 9.6mm0.38" 5.5mm0.22" £0.99 £0.89 £0.84 £0.82 £0.79