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Series 110 Desktop Instrument Cases
Product Features
Instrument cases for command test and control applications. Side profiles include rails for mounting PCB's and other components whilst the ventilation slots on the rear of lid and the base allow for cooling of enclosed electronic components. All products are supplied with non-slip feet.

• Robust instrument cases for a variety of industrial and control applications.
• Solid steel and aluminium construction.
• Side profiles include rails for PCB or other components mounting.
• Ventilation slots in top and bottom covers.
• Non-slip feet or tilting feet fitted as standard.

Full customisation services - Click here for more information.

Series 110 Enclosures - Hylec Enclosures

KGA Enclosures Ltd are full authorised distributors of the Hylec Enclosures product range, this range includes a range of IP66 and IP67 Enclosures in both ABS and Polycarbonate plastic. All Hylec's enclosures and product accessories are available from KGA Enclosures Ltd to view the product range (Click Here) or to view the product price list (Click Here).

If you have any questions regarding any product or would like to inquiry about stock availability, pricing and customisation options, simply call +44 (0)1535 636856 or E-Mail, where we will be happy to assist you.

Series 110 Enclosures Product Options
Part No Colour Height Width Depth 1+ 10+ 50+
31110001 Grey with Silver Panels 70mm2.76" 150mm5.91" 140mm5.51" POA POA POA More....
31110002 Grey with Silver Panels 70mm2.76" 200mm7.87" 200mm7.87" POA POA POA More....
31110003 Grey with Silver Panels 80mm3.15" 225mm8.86" 170mm6.69" POA POA POA More....
31110004 Grey with Silver Panels 90mm3.54" 250mm9.84" 200mm7.87" POA POA POA More....
31110005 Grey with Silver Panels 100mm3.94" 300mm11.81" 220mm8.66" POA POA POA More....
31110006 Grey with Silver Panels 120mm4.72" 350mm13.78" 260mm10.24" POA POA POA More....
31110007 Grey with Silver Panels 130mm5.12" 400mm15.75" 300mm11.81" POA POA POA More....
Series 110 Enclosures Product Accessories
Protective Rubber Feet
Part No Colour Contents Diameter Height 1+ 10+ 25+ More
1421T2 Black Pack of 24 12.7mm0.50" 3.5mm0.14" £3.24 £2.98 £2.92 More....
1421T2CL Clear Pack of 24 12.7mm0.50" 3.5mm0.14" £2.35 £2.16 £2.11 More....
1421T2GY Grey Pack of 24 12.7mm0.50" 3.5mm0.14" £3.47 £3.19 £3.12 More....
Hylec Enclosures Customisation Services
Customising Enclosures
Hylec Enclosures Customisation Services
Hylec Enclosures can machine, drill, punch and generally customise any of there enclosures to suit your individual requirements.

• Low cost.
• Quick service.
• One stop sourcing.
• High quality and accuracy.
• Large volume production runs a specialty.
Remember the Hammond Manufacturing Enclosure and Transformer Ranges are all available
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