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HWMR Series Adjustable Depth Center Swing Wall Rack
The Hammond Wall Mount Rack (HWMR) Series was designed to easily mount network equipment in IT environments with limited floor space. Unlike similar racks, Hammond has integrated both depth adjustment and center swing capabilities in one rugged open rack system. Available in 12U, 20U, 24U and 32U rack unit options the HMWR can easily adjust in depth from eighteen to twenty-four inches to accommodate a wide range or equipment sizes.

Product Features
• Braces and rack rails are constructed of 12-gauge steel, while the other body components are constructed of 16-gauge steel.
• EIA compliant 10-32 tapped rails with 19" mounting and rack unit indicators.
• Rack frame swings at center providing convenient equipment access without exceeding the rack footprint.
• Adjustable total variable depth from 18" to 24" using slots for easy setup and adjusting.
• Variable usable depth from 15.10" to 21.10".
     • Top and bottom rack units have a usable depth from 12.40" to 18.40".
• Three (3) spring pin positions allow for simplified equipment maintenance.
• Side and rear cable access with multiple tie points for cable management.
• Finished in smooth black powder paint.
• Knockdown design ships unassembled for easy handling and shipping protection.
• Tested to nearly double the suggested load rating of 220lbs (100kg).
• TAA Compliant.
• RoHS Compliant.
• Manufactured in North America.

Included in the box
• HWMR components and assembly hardware.
• Assembly bulletin.
• Wall mounting template for easy 16" center installation. (Wall mounting hardware not included).
• Starter pack of SCREW1032-50 screws.

• View Product Data Sheet - Click here for more information.
• Full customisation services - Click here for more information.

HWMR Series Wall Rack - Hammond Manufacturing Rack Systems

KGA Enclosures Ltd are full authorised distributors of the Hammond Manufacturing product range, this includes the full Enclosure, Transformer and Rack Systems product ranges. All Hammond's Rack Systems and product accessories are available from KGA Enclosures Ltd to view the product range (Click Here) or to view the product price list (Click Here).

If you have any questions regarding any product or would like to inquiry about stock availability, pricing and customisation options, simply call +44 (0)1535 636856 or E-Mail, where we will be happy to assist you.

HWMR Series Wall Rack Product Options
Part No Overall Height Overall Width Overall Min Depth Overall Max Depth 1+ 10+ 50+
HWMR1912UBK 26.50" 20.00" 18.00" 24.00" POA POA POA More....
HWMR1920UBK 40.50" 20.00" 18.00" 24.00" POA POA POA More....
HWMR1924UBK 47.50" 20.00" 18.00" 24.00" POA POA POA More....
HWMR1932UBK 61.50" 20.00" 18.00" 24.00" POA POA POA More....
For more detailed information please click part number
Hammond Customisation Services
Modified Electronic Enclosures
Almost every enclosure will need some kind of modification to be useful. In house modifications can be tedious, over complicated and a distraction from your main core business. A third party shop can add time and expense. Let us help you to deliver quality products made to your exact specifications.
Hammond Customisation Services

Why choose Hammond Manufacturing to modify your enclosure
• Hammond Manufacturing offers a wide selection and massive inventory of enclosures ready to be modified.
• Typically the minimum order quantity is 25 pieces. This can vary depending on product and service required. Please note KGA Enclosures does not add on any charges.
• Hammond has an experience enclosure modification team and two dedicated modification facilities in North America and the United Kingdom. They are knowledgeable, available and capable.
• Hammond Manufacturing helps eliminate scrap and design errors with approval drawings to confirm correct interpretation of your design required. Many orders will also include a fast delivery of sample enclosures for your inspection. These steps ensure that your assembly fits perfectly before heading into the mass production stage.

Popular modifications offered
• Holes.
• Cutouts.
• Tapping and countersinking.
• Pressed-in hardware (Studs, Standoffs).
• Silk screening.
• UV Printing.
• Special colours.
• Special length extrusions.
• Pre-Installed accessories.
• Available services vary by product.
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