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EVA80 Series Desk-Top Enclosures
EVA80 Series Enclosures - Evatron Enclosures

KGA Enclosures Ltd are full authorised distributors of the Evatron Plastic Enclosures product range, this range includes a range of product similar to enclosures we previously sold under another name (Box Enclosures Ltd). All Evatron's enclosures and product accessories are available from KGA Enclosures Ltd to view the product range (Click Here) or to view the product price list (Click Here).

What makes KGA Enclosures Ltd different from most other larger distributors is that we offer full customisation's services on all enclosures and accessories. All customisation work is undertaken by the relevant supplier, (some small projects are done utilizing outside contractors) at their own manufacturing facilities. These services include milling or punching of hole and slots into the enclosure or end plates for cables, connectors, switches etc. Printing and silk screening services allows for the additional of text, logo's and graphics onto both the enclosure and end plates, to allow the end user to easily identify the product as well as giving the final product a more elegant finish. Full customisation services - Click here for more information on full customisation services.

Product Features:
• The desktop enclosures are available in a huge range of styles, sizes and specifications to suit your requirements. Many benefit from a sloping front to allow display mounting and other benefits from having IP ratings to protect your hardware from moisture and dust.
• Full customisation options - Click here for more information.
EVA80 Series Enclosures Product Options
Part No Colour Length Width Depth 1+ 50+ 100+ 500+ 1000+
EVA82G Grey 290mm11.42" 220mm8.66" 70mm2.76" £21.27 £20.20 £19.14 £18.92 Call Us
EVA80 Series Enclosures Product Accessories
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