1594RFI Series Thick-Wall Plastic Enclosures with EMI / RFI Shielding
1594RFI Series Enclosures

KGA Enclosures are authorised stockist's of the Hammond Manufacturing Product Range, enabling KGA Enclosures to add another large range of plastic enclosures to compliment our existing product range. All Hammond Manufacturing products are available at KGA Enclosures including the full range of product accessories. We offer competitive pricing at both distribution and manufacturing level. All products come with full customisation services.

KGA Enclosures offers a full range of customisation services on both the enclosures and end plates. Including milling or punching of holes and slots into either the end plates or enclosures. Printing and silk screening services allows for the addition of text, logos, and graphics onto either the end plates or enclosures, allowing the end user to easily identify lights and switches. KGA Enclosures offers all of theses services at very competitive prices and with low minimum order quantities. For more information please contact us or send your technical drawings for a free no obligations quote. Call 01535 636856 or E-Mail sales@kgaenclosures.com for more information.

Product Features

• Designed for EMI / RFI shielding applications - using conductive plastic (a compound of plastic and stainless steel fibers).
• Electronic instrument enclosures, ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards.
• Thick wall design with an average wall thickness of 0.13" (3.3mm).
• Moulded from a compound of stainless steel fibers and flame retardant ABS plastic (carriers a UL flammability rating of 94V-0).
• Designed to meet IP54.
• Note: Material is brittle - acts like phenolic - Not for high impact use.
• Countersunk lid is secured with four M3 x 0.50 - 0.71" (18mm) long, Philips machine screws threaded into integral brass bushings. Perfect for applications with repetitive assembly and disassembly are required.
• Replacement screws sold in packs of 100. Part number 1594MS100.
• Black with matte textured finish.

Safety Notes

• Conductive plastic is not an insulate - these enclosures must be treated like a metal enclosure.
• Conductive plastic will act as a heating element - any significant current flow will cause the plastic to heat and product smoke.

Related Products

• For non-shielding applications, try the general purpose or water-tight 1594 Series.
All Hammond Manufacturing Products are available at KGA Enclosures Ltd.
Contact us for more information on our Full Customisation Services.
PVC Labels & Metal Name Plates are available all customised to meet your requirements.
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1594RFI Series Enclosures Product Dimensions & Colour Options
Part No Colour Length Width Depth 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+ Tech Drawings
1594RFIABK Black 56mm 56mm 40mm 2.20" 2.20" 1.57" £8.25 £7.83 £7.42 £7.01 £6.60   
1594RFIBBK Black 81mm 56mm 40mm 3.19" 2.20" 1.57" £9.42 £8.95 £8.48 £8.01 £7.54   
1594RFICBK Black 105mm 66mm 45mm 4.13" 2.60" 1.77" £11.53 £10.96 £10.38 £9.80 £9.23   
1594RFIDBK Black 131mm 66mm 55mm 5.16" 2.60" 2.17" £14.59 £13.86 £13.13 £12.40 £11.67   
1594RFIEBK Black 167mm 107mm 65mm 6.57" 4.21" 2.56" £20.82 £19.78 £18.73 £17.69 £16.65   
1594RFI Series Enclosures Product Accessories
Assembly Screws
Part No Colour Contents Assembly Screw Type 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
1594MS100 Silver Bag of 100 Assembly Machine Screws £3.24 £3.08 £2.92 £2.75 £2.59
Protective Rubber Feet
Part No Colour Material Contents Diameter Height 1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+
KGA-PF-BK Black Polyurethane / Rubber Pack of 4 14mm 4.5mm 0.55" 0.18" £0.99 £0.89 £0.84 £0.82 £0.79
KGA-PF-GRY Grey Polyurethane / Rubber Pack of 4 9.6mm 5.5mm 0.38" 0.22" £0.99 £0.89 £0.84 £0.82 £0.79

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