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KGA Enclosures Extruded Aluminium EnclosuresKGA Enclosures Ltd was established in 2015, our team have over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of plastic and extruded aluminium enclosures. KGA Enclosures supplies high quality extruded aluminium enclosures into the electronics and manufacturing industry. We manufacture and supply our own range of extruded aluminium enclosures as well as accessories including ABS and Aluminium Mounting Brackets, ABS End Caps, Aluminium and Acrylic End Plates and Sealing Kits for up to IP65 Rating. All manufacturing work for our own product range is undertaken in the United Kingdom.

The Series 1 - 4 Enclosures are manufactured and customised in the United Kingdom. The Series 1 - 4 Enclosures are available in standard extrusion lengths of 40mm, 80mm, 120mm, 160mm and 220mm we can also offer any custom extrusion lengths required. The width and height vary from series to series, a full list of dimensions can be found below. The Series 1 - 4 Enclosures are available in either black, pre-anodised black, blue, red or silver with any custom colour required for both the extrusion and end plates. Minimum order quantities apply for blue, red and custom colours of 10 pieces, whilst with black, pre-anodised black and silver the minimum order quantity is 1 piece. The extrusions are not supplied with and end plates or assembly screws, these now need to be ordered separately. Acrylic end plates are also available which are ideal for any RF/Wi-Fi application, however we cannot guarantee any increase in signal capabilities. More details on accessories can be found below.

KGA Enclosures offers a full customisation service on both the extrusion and end plates (either aluminium or acrylic). Milling services or punching of holes into either the end plates or extrusions to meet all connector and access requirements. Printing and laser engraving services allows for the addition of text and graphics onto all product surfaces, enabling the end user to easily identify the products and this also gives the product a more elegant finish. These services are offered at very competitive pricing and with low minimum order quantities. To see how KGA Enclosures could help you with your current/next project simply email your technical drawings to sales@kgaenclosures.com or call 01535 636856 for a free no obligations quote. Please note payment terms do differ when products are customised.

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