Range 1 - 4 Extruded Aluminium Enclosures

Range 1 - 4 Extruded Aluminium EnclosuresThe Range 1 - 4 Enclosures are manufactured and customised is the United Kingdom. The Range 1 - 4 Enclosures are available in standard lengths of 80mm, 120mm, 160mm and 220mm we can also offer any custom extrusion length required. The standard widths for the Range 1 - 4 Enclosures include 108mm, 136mm, 168mm and 228mm with custom extrusion widths also available on request. The height is fixed at 44.2mm for the entire range. The Range 1 - 4 Enclosures are available in either black, blue, red or silver. Minimum order quantities apply for black, blue, red and any custom colour of 10 pieces, whilst with the silver the minimum order quantity is 1 piece. The extrusions are supplied with 1 Top & 1 Bottom Belly Plate, 1 Front and 1 Back End Plates and 8 assembly screws. Acrylic end plates are also available which are ideal for any RF/Wi-FI application, however we cannot guarantee any increase in signal capabilities. If you require acrylic end pates instead of aluminium end plates, please inform us during the ordering process. More details on accessories can be found below.

The extrusion is manufactured in Aluminium 6063 T6 (HE9). Silver anodised is 5 μm thickness to BS 16156 - These can be painted directly if required. The interior and cut ends are not anodised. Black anodised 20 μm thickness, the interior, and ends are anodised. The end plates are manufactured in Aluminium 5251 H22, thick clear anodised 5 μm, of black anodised 15 μm. The end plates and belly plates are available in three finishes, black anodised, silver (clear) anodised or natural. The top and bottom belly plates are manufactured in Aluminium 5251 H22 sheet, thick clear anodised 5 μm or black anodised 15 μm.

The Range 1 - 4 Enclosures have top and bottom belly plates which slide in and out allowing the end user a quicker and easier access to the components inside the enclosure. The top and bottom plates are secured into place once the end plates are re-secured to the extrusion, meaning only one end plate has to be removed for access to the components inside of the enclosure. Custom extrusion lengths are available, and with the top and bottom belly plates both removable we can also offer custom widths, by simply cutting the belly plates to the required width and length. For more information on this system please contact us.

Accessories for the Range 1 - 4 Enclosures include self tapping screws, we recommend silver screws with silver and blue enclosures, and black screws with the black and red enclosures. Aluminium mounting brackets are used to secure the enclosure to any surface, these are installed by simply removing at least one end plate and slots into the grooves on the external surface. The aluminium mounting brackets are available in 4 standard colours black, blue, red and silver, whilst they are available in 40mm and 80mm lengths. The brackets can be customised contact us for more information. ABS Mounting Lugs are also available, these simply snap on and off the side of the enclosure, meaning no end plates need to be removed. This system is ideal for products where they are continually mounted and de-mounted during the products working life. The ABS mounting lugs are only available in black with a length of 40mm. Aluminium and Acrylic end plates are available, please inform us during the ordering process if you require Acrylic End Plates, both the aluminium and acrylic end plates are available with full customisation options as stated below. The acrylic end plates are ideal for any RF/Wi-Fi applications but we cannot guarantee and increase in signal capabilities, we still recommended an antenna for full signal coverage. More details on colour options for end plates can be found below in the product accessories area. Aluminium carrier plates are available to ensure a safe fit for any narrow PC Boards, these are fully customised to meet the PC board requirements and are available with a minimum order quantity of 1 piece, these are only available in a rough silver aluminium finish. Protective rubber feet complete the product accessory range, allowing a little more protection when placed on any surface, with colour options of black and grey.

KGA Enclosures offers a full customisation service on both the extrusion and end plates (either aluminium or acrylic). Milling services or punching of holes into either the end plates or extrusions to meet all connector and access requirements. Printing and laser engraving services allows for the addition of text and graphics onto all product surfaces, enabling the end user to easily identify the products and this also gives the product a more elegant finish. These services are offered at very competitive pricing and with low minimum order quantities. To see how KGA Enclosures could help you with your current/next project simply email your technical drawings to sales@kgaenclosures.com or call 01535 636856 for a free no obligations quote. Please note payment terms do differ when products are customised.

Custom Extrusion Lengths & Widths are available with the Range 1 - 4 Enclosures Range.
Extrusions, Top & Bottom Plates & End Plates are all available individually.
Ask us about Acrylic End Plates. Ideal for any RF/Wi-Fi application project.
PVC Labels & Metal Name Plates are available all customised to meet your requirements.
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Range 1 - 4 Extrusion Product Dimensions & Colour Options
Product Series Length Options Width Height More Information
Range 1 Enclosures 80mm 120mm 160mm 220mm 108mm 44.2mm 3.15" 4.72" 6.30" 8.66" 4.25" 1.74" Read More ....
Range 2 Enclosures 80mm 120mm 160mm 220mm 136mm 44.2mm 3.15" 4.72" 6.30" 8.66" 5.35" 1.74" Read More ....
Range 3 Enclosures 80mm 120mm 160mm 220mm 168mm 44.2mm 3.15" 4.72" 6.30" 8.66" 6.61" 1.74" Read More ....
Range 4 Enclosures 80mm 120mm 160mm n/a 228mm 44.2mm 3.15" 4.72" 6.30" n/a 8.96" 1.74" Read More ....
Range 1 - 4 Enclosures PCB Dimensions
Product Series Max PCB Width for Components Max PCB Height for Components
Range 1 100mm 32mm
Range 2 128mm 32mm
Range 3 160mm 32mm
Range 4 220mm 32mm
Carrier Plates, Custom Extrusion Lengths & Custom Extrusion Widths are all available. Please note minimum order quantities apply.
Range 1 - 4 Enclosures Customisation Services
Customisation Services Extrusion Top / Bottom Plates End Plates
Milled Holes Yes Yes Yes
Punched Holes No Yes Yes
Colour Anodisation Yes Yes Yes
Printed Text Yes Yes Yes
Other Options Custom Lengths & Widths Custom Lengths & Widths Milled From Solid

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